Main zoonosis transmitted by reptiles:

Bacterial zoonosis


It's the most important zoonosis.

  • infectious agent: a bacterium: Salmella sp.  More than 25% of the reptiles ?(mostly aquatic turtles and lizards, but all the reptiles) would be carriers of salmonella. More than 2400 different serotypes can be found. All are potentially a zoonosis.
  • animal disease:
    • most of the time, they are healthy carriers. Salmonellas are normal hosts of the digestive tract of reptiles for which they are not pathogenic.
    • sometimes gastroenteritis
    • sometimes other infectious diseases
  • Mean of contamination:
    • contact mouth-to-hands or mouth-to-pet soiled by droppings  or water (aquatic turtles)
    • contact with rodents used as food for reptiles (200 cases in the UK in 2008-2009)
  • human desease : 
    • gastroenteritis
    • in fragile people (young children under 5 years old, sick people, older people, immuno-depressed people), septicemia  and death.

Human salmonellosis

Complete list of reptiles zoonosis


Prevention can be summarized by three words: HYGIEN, HYGIEN, HYGIEN


NO                                                                         YES