Main zoonosis transmitted by birds:

Bacterial zoonosis


  • infectious agent: a bacteria: Chlamydia psittaci. Birds, especially psittacine birds: parrots and parakeets.
  • animal disease: flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, septicemia, death


  • Mean of contamination:
    • inhalation of dust from feathers or droppings
    • by direct contact with secretions oculo-nasal (including the beak to mouth by owners)
  • human disease : 
    • flu-like symptoms, pneumonia
    • hyperthermia, weakness, joint pain, ocular or neurological disorders

Fungal zoonosis


It's not really a zoonosis, but the infection of birds and human by a mould caused by excessive humidity in the bird environnement.

  • infectious agent: a soil pathognenic fungus: Aspergillus fulmigatus. Birds, especially parrots, pigeons, mynahs
  • animal disease: a loss of voice, breathing difficulties, weakness, greenish diarrhea

lung of a bird with aspergillosis


  • mean of contamination:
    • inhalation of contaminated dust
  • human disease : 
    • chronic respiratory disease: potential risk in humans carrying a respiratory weakness

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