French legislation

The french legislation ofnon-domestic animals is controlled by  The Environmental CodeArticles L413-1 à L413-5 and Articles L413-6 à L413-8


Respect the ecological balance and preserve biodiversity.

  • Limit taking of animals in the natural environment by allowing animal lists for International Trade
  • Develop the quality of breeding techniques and encourage the reproduction in endangered species
  • Prevent the development of invasive species (for example:  Red-eared slider and European pond turtle)

Ensure the safety and health of the people.

  • Avoid injury to people by animals, by restrictions for dangerous animals

Dangerous Python

  • Avoid transmission of diseases (zoonosis)

Ensure the welfare of the animals and promote the quality and the technicality of breeders.

  • Give to animals conditions of accommodation adapted to their biological characteristics.
  • Satisfaction of their physiological needs

Status of animals


  • Species

Group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

The species is the principal natural taxonomic unit, ranking below a genus and denoted by a Latin binomial, e.g., Homo sapiens.

  • Breed

Stock of animals or plants within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection.

  • Variety

Taxonomic category that ranks below subspecies (where present) or species, its members differing from others of the same subspecies or species in minor but permanent or heritable characteristics.

A variety is commonly obtained by mutation.

Categories defined in french legislation

Wild animals in their natural environment:

France legally classifies wildlife into 3 categories:

Detention of animals:

French legislation distinguishes between domestic animals and other animals:

Domestic species

Non-domestic species:

Legislative text: Arrêté Ministériel du 8 octobre 2018 fixant les règles générales de détention d'animaux d'espèces non domestiques

Annex B of this document lists all animals and their status with regard to the authorisation to keep them.

Non-domestic animals whose possession is prohibited

These are invasive species

Non-domestic animals whose possession is subject to a certificate of competence and authorisation to open

It is a question of species:

protected by Annex A of Regulation (EC) No 338/97
other protected species: exhaustive list
dangerous species:
carnivores over 6 kg
monitors over 3 m long
Boodes longer than 3 m
Non-domestic animals whose possession is subject to declaration

Non-domestic animals authorised to be kept without formalities

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