Hands surgical hygiene


  • in care service: before an act with a high infectious risk requiring a surgical technique
  • in operating room or Interventional ultrasound: before a surgical act (surgery, ultrasound-guided biopsy)


Before surgical hands hygiene preparation:

  • put on your surgical mask and your protective headwear
  • Remove all jewellery: rings, bracelets or watches
  • Have the nails short and clean, without polish
  • Wear short sleeves or raise them above the elbows

2 methods (in twice the forearms have to be elbows include)

Hands washing

With antiseptic soap and water, and a sterile nailbrush.

Total duration: 3 minutes

1.Wash forearms, and hands with hygienic technique during 1 minute

2. Brush your nails during 1 minute

nail brush

3. Wash your hands again with hygienic technique during 1 minute

Hands rubbing

With an alcohol-based formulation gel or solution .

Total duration: 1 minute (respect the recommandations of the manufacturer)

1. Decontaminate the nails (5 seconds) and the right forearm (10-15 sec.) with 5ml of product

2. Decontaminate the nails (5 seconds) and the left forearm (10-15 sec.) with 5ml of product

3. Decontaminate the hands (20-30 sec.) with 5ml of product

Surgical Hands Rubbing 1

Surgical Hands Rubbing 2