Example of complete protocol to clean and disinfect the terrarium of a reptile suspected to be contamined by a zoonosis (for example a multi-antibiotic resistant salmonella)


General hygiene of the staff:

  • professional clothing, with nude forearms
  • nails short and clean
  • tied-back hair
  • No rings, no bracelets, no  jewelry on the hands and the forearms

Preparation of the equipment:

  • for the snake
    • a feeding box
  • for the substrat and remains:
    • a trash
    •  new undersheets 
    • some new substrate
  • for the walls of the terrarium:
    • water 
    • detergent in a spray
    • a spray of disinfectant: prepare it with the right concentration
    • a brush and/or a scrubber sponge
    • disposable paper
  • For the accessories:
    • a tube or a basin with water
    • detergent in a spray
    • a disinfectant by immersion: prepare it with the right concentration

Preparation of the staff:

In this order:

  • body: wear a protective clothing: single use surgical or plastic gown
  • face and eyes: wear a mask for nose and protective goggles or a full-face protective mask
  • hair: wear a protective cap
  • antiseptic hygien of hands: washing or rubbing
  • hands: put hygienic gloves



  • put handling gloves
  • Put the snake into the feeding box
  • Remove the handling gloves

Reusable accessories

  • remove all the reusable accessories
  • clean them with a brush or a scrubber sponge, water and detergent
  • rinse
  • disinfect them by immersion
  • rinse 
  • dry them with the disposable paper and llet them finish to dry


  • throw into the trash the substrate and the possible under-sheet
  • throw the vegetables accessories

Cleaning and disinfecting all the walls

  • clean the ceiling, the walls and then finally the ground with  a brush or a scrubber sponge, water and detergent.
  • rinse
  • spray a disinfectant
  • let the product act for the time recommended by the manufacturer
  • rinse
  • let dry


  • put the cleaning equipment into the disinfectant by immersion
  • remove the goggles or the full-face protective mask and put them into the disinfectant by immersion
  • Remove single-use clothing and throw them into the trash
  • remove the gloves  and throw them into the trash
  • clean the hands and rub them with antiseptic method

Video demonstration