Basics in food and water hygiene for animals feeding

Basics in food and water hygiene for animals feeding

Food preservation:

The rules are the same as for human food:

Means of preservation

  • Seeds, hay, and dry food: in a dry, cool, protected from light, rodents and insects place. Maximum duration: 1 year
  • Fresh and wet food:
    • between 5° and 60° (in the feeders): Maximum duration 3 hours
    • between 0° and 4° (in the fridge)
      • home maid or purchased fresh: Maximum duration from 1 day (fish, meal) to 5 weeks (eggs)
      • store food: respect the indications of the manufacturer
    • under -18° (in the freezer):
      • Maximum duration: 4 to 6 months
      • keep in waterproof bag to avoid dehydration
      • defrosting: 24 hours in a fridge
      • never refreeze a food wich has been defrosted

Hygiene of containers

  • must be regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • the temperature of fridge and freezer has to be regularly checked


  • always wash your hands before preparing food
  • do not use wooden tools

Water hygiene:

  • the water of the supply network can be use
  • mineral water is better: choose a little mineralized water, with a slightly acid pH  (just below 7)
  • rain water is not recommended
  • change water each day